One of the Best Apartment Buildings in the City

When I first looked at the website for the Dupont Circle apartments, I was really impressed. I was also pretty sure that I would never be able to afford living there, mainly because of the location. It is walking distance to a lot of the bus and metro stations that so many people rely on daily to get them just about anywhere in DC. Also, the apartments are really spectacular, and one of the community features is a continental breakfast every morning! I did not let that stop me from looking at the prices though because it really is the apartment that people dream of having.

I am thankful that I decided to not let the appearance scare me away, because I saw that there are so many different kinds of apartments that there is one that will fit many different budgets. I could not afford a penthouse apartment by any stretch of the imagination, but I did not have to settle for a small studio apartment either. There are a lot of one bedroom units, and the sizes range from small to quite large. I ended up getting one that is nearly 650 square feet, which is large enough for me.

I picked this one not only for the price but also because I just really like the layout of it. The bedroom and bath are right next to each other, but there is an entry to the bath from the living room too. That means if I have company over, I don’t have to worry about someone going into my bedroom should they need to use the bathroom. The kitchen is also really nice because I do cook most of my own meals, so I am glad it is not a tiny corner of the apartment. This is perfect for me, and I am glad I am living in one of the best apartment buildings in the city. If you are looking for great apartments in Canada visit and search apartments in 10 Canadian cities.