Hunting for a New Apartment

If there were not three of us we could not have looked at the place we checked out today, some luxury apartments for rent in Mission Viejo. We are not too thrilled with the location aside from Buck, who was actually going to do most of his work at home. He loved the fact that it was relatively close to the beach since he likes to get up early and go surfing I like to go run on the beach myself and I wish that it was even closer, but the place is really nice and we may well take it if things go the way it looks like it should. Of course these people might not really like three single guys if they think about it. However it does look as though there are a large number of young and unmarried people living in this place.

We checked out the gym and the swimming pool above all of the other amenities. These are the most important things to me, ideally I would love to have a pool that is large enough to really swim laps in, but that is just not something that you are going to find. This pool is pretty big, but you are going to be doing a lot of turning if you try to do laps. Of course there are going to be too many people in the way most of the time. The thing does have a big patio around it, which is obviously designed for a lot of people to have parties on and so forth. There were tons of people out there on the day we visited the place. It is a great gym and that is going to be a big deal for me, since I only have time to work out after dark.