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Advantages of a Personal Aircraft

There are reasons why people want their own aircraft despite of having options to have fractional ownership, jet card, and jet charter. Some people say they want to fly with the same aircraft for a long time. In the same manner as a personal aircraft is luxurious, so does having your personal flight crews and maintenance mechanics. Another factor is you flights are more economical.

When you have a personal aircraft the hangar fees, insurance, property taxes, interest, maintenance, and crew expenses are the same all throughout. It is the same no matter how many hours you fly in a year. Fuel usage and aircraft maintenance for extra travel time, are the expenses that are variable. If you consider chartered aircraft flights, then you will see how more expensive those are than with a personal aircraft.

Since it is cheaper, your savings for personal aircraft flights can balance those overhead expenses. There is no suggested maximum number of flights before you can feel its cost-effectiveness. If you do fly more, then the more you feel how economical it is to own an aircraft.
It is important for companies to know what you expect from an aircraft when you travel. Expectations like the cabin’s size, luggage capacity, passenger capacity, destinations, and number of flight hours are determined. They will further discuss your destinations to finalize costs, flight times, and routes. After those are discussed, companies will identify aircraft that will fit those needs. The estimated operating and capital budget of an aircraft will be shown afterwards. Categorizations like heavy, midsize, and light are assigned for aircraft. An aircraft can be categorized outside of those three types, so you can find something that fits your standards.

After determining the aircraft model that meets your specifications, know how much it costs on the market. To determine your aircraft’s purchase price, its latest closed sale and current listing are examined. After that, you can wait for the right time to get the best price by negotiating.

If you have your aircraft already then a management company can help you in placing it on charter certificate. A charter certificate helps in mitigating your operational cost. The management company will then inform the public that your plane is available for charter. With a few chartered flights each year the profit can cover the ownership cost.

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