The Process Used During Powder Coating And How It Delivers A Durable Finish

Repainting items can give them a clean and fresh appearance and allow them to be reused for years to come, which can save extreme amounts of money over purchasing new. The problem is that most of the options used for repainting materials can often leave a finish that is full of blemishes and easily scratched and damaged. Powder coating provides a durable finish that will adhere to the item being painted and resist scratches and other forms of surface damage.

Surface Preparation

To start a technician will disassemble the item being painted, if necessary, and then inspect it for any surface damage. Any rough areas will be sanded smooth, and they will completely clean the surfaces being painted using a mild detergent. The items will then be placed on a circulating air dryer that will remove any moisture, which will provide a more reliable bond during the application of the powder coating.

Powder Coating Application

The process of powder coating utilizes an electrostatic spray deposition that charges the powder particles so that they can easily adhere to a grounded material such as metal. The process not only causes the material to more easily adhere but prevents the onset of drips and other imperfections that are common with liquid paint products. The powder coating is usually dull in color during this stage but will become lustrous as it cures.

Heat Curing

Once the powder coating has been applied, the real magic happens when it is exposed to heat. The electrostatic particles will activate and cause the powder molecules to bond together, creating a refinished surface that offers unparalleled durability. The curing process can vary depending on the size of the piece being treated but typically takes 2 to 4 hours before it is cooled and inspected.

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